Dolan Ellis

Arizona's Official State Balladeer

It's a song of spring that my heart does sing
How hope you're able to hear
So that when I'm gone you can have my song
In the springtime of the year...


Big Boulders and Brittle bush


The Balladeer

Dolan in Phoenix Magazine

From the article:

Dolan Ellis.

Az connection.  Raised on a farm in Kansas, Ellis moved to Phoenix in 1959.

Arizona's first - and so far only - official state balladeer, Ellis was given the title by then - governor Sam Goddard in 1966 and has been re-appointed by all successive governors. Before that, he was an original member of the New Christy Minstrels, an incredibly influential folk music group that helped launch the career of Kenny Rogers, who joined the group in '66. Ellis was with the NCM for their first five albums, several gold records, and a 1963 Grammny for Best Group. Dolan's vast body of simple strumming and straightforward work (he's written more than 300 songs) embodies the dusty-cowboy feel and every man folklore of the Southwest through storytelling.  He's passionate about preserving our desert music legacy too.  In 1996, he founded the Arizona Folklore Preserve in Ramsey Conyon, operated by the University of Arizona.

Arizona State historian Marshall Trimble on Dolan Ellis:

Dolan is a true music lover.  When he hears a beautiful woman singing in the shower, he puts his ear to the keyhole...  He's certainly the greatest showman I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  He loves the entertainment business, is abolutely ageless and will never retire"


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