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"ARIZONA... Lens, Lyrics and Lore™"


"Sam Lowe performs his word magic at its finest, in his writing of the historical and creatively entertaining text about Arizona, while Dolan Ellis shares his special insights to Arizona, through his beautiful photography and written lyrics from his Arizona ballads. The book also includes a CD of Dolan Ellis singing the twelve ballads, whose lyrics appear in the book.."!


"Sense of Place™"


"Dolan's newest album, "Sense of Place"... a unique collection of Arizona songs and Cowboy poetry which will transport the listener into a distinct Arizona state of mind." Includes the single "Wildfire" honoring the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots who died!


"...after the show™"


Dolan's first music video, on DVD.  Almost 2 hours of music in two "acts." The setting is a living room, with friends sitting on the sofas and chairs and even on the floor, enjoying Dolan's music.

Bring Dolan Ellis into YOUR living room.  Click on the image to the left for details about this product.



"Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes"


This is the latest full-length recording of Dolan's. He did a great job in his studio putting this one together. There are ten great songs with introductions by Dolan.




Music from the full-length play. Ten songs that were included in the play plus a special song, "Alice Greenough," dedicated to a cowgirl Dolan met and interviewed in Tucson. This is a wonderful CD about the women who ride rodeo and run ranches.


"Touch the Earth"


A CD of great Arizona music, first recorded on LP in the 1970s. This one is really a treasure.


"Tuba City"

Tuba City Truck Stop


NEW! All 12 Tracks from the original LP are now included.Full title from the title song: "Who's Gonna Run the Truck Stop in Tuba City When I'm Gone."



Dolan Ellis Chemistry


Remastered and made available on CD in January 2008


"Man From the Big Country"

Man from the Big Country


This is the album that brought Dolan to Governor Goddard's attention and secured his first appointment as Balladeer


"Song of Spring"


The only Balladeer Card that includes a DVD instead of a CD. The greeting card package is the same as the Christmas cards, with a lyrics liner sheet and greeting area. The DVD is the slide show that Dolan displays when he sings this song in a live concert.


"Cowboy's Vision"


The first of the Balladeer Christmas Cards, includes lyrics liner sheet and a single-song CD


"Arizona Christmas"


The second in the series of Balladeer Christmas Cards. CD includes a special message.


"Christmas Trail"


The 2005 Balladeer Christmas Card and the third of the Christmas series. The song is from a turn-of-the-century (that's 19th to 20th, folks) song by Charles Badger Clark, put to music by Don Edwards, and arranged and sung by Dolan Ellis. The cover photograph is also by Dolan.


"All Three Balladeer Christmas Cards"